// CIVE Smart Home
Design and prototyping of a smart home system

Year: 2017 | Category: App Design, Prototyping & Internet of Things | Role: Designer, Programmer

CIVE Smart Home was my master’s thesis which deals with the design and prototypical implementation of a smart home system. Using methods of interaction design for the Internet of Things a product was conceptualized that can link different objects, information and people together.

More and more devices in a household can be connected to a network, to offer interconnectivity. The basis for a Smart Home concept was created through insights into existing smart home systems, diary procedures and studies about the Internet of Things and Smart Home.

The concept was strengthened with help of Scenario-based Design in order to be experienced as a prototype with the Node-RED tool on a Raspberry Pi. The prototype provides various possibilities for extension and more complex automation by the user, who can include further scenarios and appliances.

CIVE teaser picture, including the logo


My master's thesis


Mockup for the user interface. Done with the design tool Figma.


The final user interface on a smartphone.


The final user interface on a tablet.


Wireframes & basic flow chart


Wiring of the backend in Node-RED, connecting different devices in the system. 

Tablet Phone CIVE

The CIVE user interface on a smartphone and tablet.


The Particle Internet Button,  an alternative possiblity of interaction – with four buttons, light & sound feedback.


Bluetooth-enabled thermostat connected to the smart home system.


WiFi-enabled light bulb connected to the smart home system.

Short product video of the system.

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